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On Thursday, July 6 in our newly commissioned shop space, Trades Guild held an open house to recognize and encourage students, honour and update supporters, and celebrate our new facility with those who have shared the journey thus far.

Many former students attended, and a number told their story and how the impact of Tom Loszchuk and the Trades Guild approach, helped them regain dignity, learn new skills, and supported them with a fresh start. As Tom likes to say, “A hand up, not just a handout.” It is humbling and encouraging to see what remarkable things can happen when skilled support in meaningful work and real opportunity, meet the desire and diligence of a student.

Also present were numerous supporters – financial, emotional and spiritual – who believe in the Trades Guild vision and have been a critical part in allowing us to “stay the course” on our journey. Without our supporters we would not be able to provide the Trades Guild opportunity. It was to their joy and excitement that we opened up our new shop space, and many were deeply encouraged in meeting students whose lives had been changed through their engagement.

An exciting day for all! We look forward to what the future holds, and are committed to taking advantage of further opportunities “To empower marginalized people by teaching life and trade skills that enable an opportunity to build a better future.”