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Frequently Asked Questions

What specific trades or skills do you teach?

At Trades Guild, we offer a multi-faceted apprenticeship program focusing on high-quality woodworking and cabinetry. We also provide life-skills mentoring and have relationships with professionals in other trades, including electrical, plumbing, and upholstering.

Is my sponsorship tax deductible?How to process the charity functions?

Yes! As a registered Canadian non-profit, Trades Guild provides tax receipts for cash or in-kind donations over $20. Your generosity supports our clients and offers you potential tax benefits.

Do you offer recognition or partnership benefits for sponsors?

We deeply appreciate all our sponsors. For those seeking unique partnership opportunities, Trades Guild is open to discussing customized recognition and benefits.

Do you help with finding a job after graduation?

Yes! Our program goes beyond job placement. We actively support apprentices in building lasting careers within the trades.

I'm worried about fitting in. What kind of support is there for students?

That's understandable. Our mission is to empower highly marginalized youth through trade skills and life skills training. We have years of experience working with marginalized populations, and some of our team understand these challenges firsthand.

What do you have for personal development for the students?

Our program combines daily hands-on training with discussions about the importance of life skills for both work and personal success. We offer weekly coaching sessions to build trust and provide personalized support.