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Help us equip individuals with the skills and support they need to build a brighter future.

Give someone a fish, you feed them for a day,
teach them to fish and they can feed themselves for a lifetime.

Invest in Second Chances.

Your generous donation will provide vital resources for tools, training, equipment, and support services for our program participants. Donate securely online today and be a part of their success story.

Every Dollar Makes a Difference.

Organize a fundraising event, host a bake sale, or simply donate your spare change. Every contribution, big or small, helps us empower individuals to build a brighter future.

Share Your Skills, Change a Life.

Give back to your community and make a lasting impact. We have a variety of volunteer opportunities, from mentorship programs to workshop assistance, help us by spreading the word.

Many in our community struggle..

You see them on the streets, our youth with a mix of toughness and worry in their eyes. Some have made mistakes in the past, and getting a fresh start feels impossible. Others have come from tough places, trying to find their way in a new world. A lot of them are dealing with stuff you can't see – feeling stressed, overwhelmed, in fear.

They live in survivor mode from a life of trauma, and abuse that negatively affected their options in life and left them stuck in a rut. Some are young parents, carrying the weight of providing for their kids and battling the stress and uncertainty that comes with it.

Their lives haven’t been easy. Sometimes, when you don’t have many options, you make choices you later regret. But even when things are hard, they still want a better life, a chance to learn new skills and build a solid future.

It’s easy to judge them and think they don’t care. But what if we offered a different path? What if we had programs that teach important life skills to handle tough emotions, along with training in well-paying trades, help finding jobs, and mentors to offer guidance?

These young and highly marginalized youth have a lot going for them – they’re determined and want to build something for themselves. Let’s be a community that supports their dreams, invests in their potential, and provides the tools to create a stable life. By helping them succeed, we build a better community for everyone.

At Trades Guild, we believe in second chances, we offer:

  • Life skills training with support
  • Mentorship program
  • Job placement afterwards
  • Paid employment while learning
  • Technical skills for a potential career

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About us

Transforming Lives, Today and Tomorrow: Be Part of the Trades Guild Story Helping Today, Building a Brighter Tomorrow:

At Trades Guild,

our goal is to equip them with on-job-training and mentorship. In addition, our goal also is to empower them through our life skills program, giving them support and mentorship, to provide the strong opportunity in building a brighter future.

Our Impact:

This organization is rare due to its more comprehensive and holistic approach. It clearly leads to a higher rate of success for it's participants. The proof is in the pudding.
- Kevin Simmons

Would they get job placement assistance ?

We connect graduates with stable, well-paying careers, promoting economic independence and a brighter future.

What kind of supportive environment would they be in ?

Hands on one on one training, as well as working in a group dynamic in an encouraging atmosphere with mentorship. With coaching and access to additional supportive resources.

What kind of skilled trades training would they get ?

We equip participants with in-demand skills in cabinet making, carpentry, upholstery, and furniture finishing, opening doors to fulfilling careers in the skilled trades.

Would they be getting any life skills training ?

Our program fosters personal growth and development in life skills. It also inspires individuals to overcome past challenges, to break through their limiting beliefs and reach for their potential.

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But the Journey Doesn't End Here:

Our vision extends beyond immediate needs. We believe in creating a ripple effect of positive change:

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