Site Under Construction

As the old saying goes, “Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.” We are so close… but getting all the way there would make such a difference!

We enter 2022 with much hope for the future! Thankfully, we have located a building site suitable for hosting our wood workshop, and even located a back up site. Both locations are almost ideal for our needs, situated near transit and in an area of Calgary easy to access for our students. Some minor renovations and permitting, and we could start moving equipment in! …the equipment is in storage, eagerly waiting for setup.

What we need is sufficient funds banked to cover a year of basic expenses. This would allow us to sign a lease, set up shop, and begin on-site operations. Being able to engage in larger building projects would go a long way to covering our expenses, because we gain income from every project (just not quite enough to do our most important work, which takes a bit longer).

Trades Guild is a functioning business, and most of our expenses are covered by producing beautiful furniture and cabinetry. While we do this, we mentor students into the trades. Currently, we are working with the support of “Trades Guild Friends” in borrowed space. This is very worthwhile work, but doing it this way is not as efficient, nor as helpful for mentoring students. It is more difficult to build lives effectively without a “home.”

Will you help us? Go to our contact page and get in touch. Or, visit our Donate page and make a donation – everything helps!